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Open call “Establishment of One Stop Centres for families and children”

Title of the call for project proposals Open call “Establishment of One Stop Centres for families and children” of the European economic area (EEA) financial mechanism 2014-2021
Call number LT03-1-SADM-K01
Objective The general objective of the Programme is to improve prevention and reduce inequalities in health.
The Programme will provide support for mental health promotion and prevention measures with emphasis on the well-being of children and youth and their families, primarily through strengthening the community-based mental health services (Outcome 1) and improving well-being of children and youth (Outcome 2) by establishing clearly defined, expected results.
Through the open call “Establishment of One Stop Centres for families and children” (hereinafter – the Call) the Programme Operator seeks to select and support projects that best contribute to achieving Outcome 1 of the Health Programme.
The Call aims at establishing centres in which social integrated high quality services for children and their families will be provided in order to best respond to the best interests of the child to grow in a safe environment.
To ensure enhanced bilateral relations between Lithuania and the Donor States, projects supported under this call may be prepared and implemented in partnership with entities from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.
Eligible applicants and partners Eligible applicants are:
  • Legal persons of the Republic of Lithuania having at least 3 years of experience in providing social services to children and/or families.

Eligible Project Partners are:
  • Legal persons of the Republic of Lithuania and/or Donor States or a country outside the European Economic Area that has a common border with Lithuania, or any international organisation or body or agency thereof.

In this Call, the same legal entity shall be allowed to participate as a Project Partner in a number of other projects, but only in a single project as an applicant.
The number of project partners is unlimited.
Eligible activities Funding under Programme will be provided to the following activities:
1. Equipping the premises in which integrated social services for children and their families will be provided;
2. Provision of integrated social services for children and their families (including accommodation services in the centre);
3. Acquisition of measures required for the provision of integrated social services;
4. Provision of parenting skills development services;
5. Development of competencies of social workers and case managers that are needed to work with children and families.
Funding shall be allocated for projects contributing towards the pursuit of objectives of the Programme and the present open call, as well as meeting the following special project eligibility criteria (the following criteria shall be mandatory for all projects):
1. Work with a child and the family must be organised by applying case management in accordance with the Description of the Case Management Procedure approved by the Order No. A1-141 of the Minister of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of the Lithuania of 29 March 2018 on the Approval of the Description of the Case Management Procedure;
2. All case managers and social workers who will provide social services to children and the families must be employed at the One Stop Centre;
3. During the project, training for case managers and social workers to develop skills needed for work with family must be organised. At least 50 percent of all trained professionals must be One Stop Centre’s case managers and social workers for work with family. The practical part of the training must account for at least 60 percent of the training content;
4. Accommodation services must be provided by creating a child- and family-friendly, safe environment. Accommodation must be provided for as long as necessary to resolve the family crisis, but no longer than 12 months. During the project, accommodation must be provided free of charge;
5. Services of parenting skills development, which meet the needs of parents (for example, specific skip gaps identified, children’s age, child’s developmental needs, etc.) must be provided. Parenting skills development must be carried out both by working individually with parents (when work is only organized with a specific family by solving its specific situation) and in a group (when positive parenting training, classes and similar activities are organized);
6. Services of giving a ride must be ensured in cases where, during the accommodation in the centre, the recipient of the services has no other means of accessing the centre and / or the education and training establishment and / or the workplace and / or other necessary establishment, institution or organisation.

In the implementation of the project the applicant shall contribute to the achievement of the following outcome indicators:
1. Number of beneficiaries of services provided.
2. Level of satisfaction of services provided (on a scale of 1 to 5).
Applicants shall contribute to the achievement of the following output indicators:
1. Number of “One stop” centres established (based on existing infrastructure).
2. Number of staff trained in case management related to work with children and families.
3. Number of parents who received parenting skills training.
The applicants submitting an application in partnership with Donor State entities shall also contribute to the bilateral outcome of the Programme: “Enhanced collaboration between Donor and Beneficiary State entities involved in the Programme”, expressed by the following indicators:
1. Level of trust between cooperating entities in Beneficiary States and Donor States (disaggregated by State type).
2. Level of satisfaction with the partnership (disaggregated by State type).
3. Share of cooperating organisations that apply the knowledge acquired from bilateral partnership (disaggregated by State type).
4. Number of participants from Beneficiary States in exchanges (disaggregated by gender, Donor State).
5. Number of participants from Donor States in exchanges (disaggregated by gender, Donor State).
6. Number of projects involving cooperation with a Donor Project Partner (disaggregated by Donor State).
Applicants shall aim for the achievement of the following monitoring indicator, which must be ensured during the project post-completion period:
1. Number of beneficiaries having received the mandatory services.
Deadline for submitting applications 19 July 2021 (16:00 Lithuanian time)
Open calls for project proposals shall be announced on and
In order to receive financing, the applicant shall online via the DMS fill in an application.
Selection process Evaluation of projects shall be organized by the Central Project Management Agency (Programme Operator). The evaluation takes place in three phases:
1. Eligibility evaluation
2. Benefit and quality evaluation
3. Administrative compliance (only for projects which have been selected for funding).
The CPMA has the right to decide which evaluation - either evaluation of the benefits and quality of projects or evaluation of the eligibility of projects - should be carried out first, or to carry out both of these evaluations simultaneously.
Priority will be given to projects that:
  • Ensures bigger scope of services and assistance to a child and the family;
  • Provides supportive assistance to a child and the family;
  • Applies a new work model;
  • Has a bigger number of the case managers and social workers having received the trainings to work with family;
  • Ensures complexity of the project;
  • Has a bigger number of the service recipients having received the services of parenting skills development.
At least two independent experts shall conduct the benefit and quality evaluation of each eligible application. Applications shall be scored in accordance with benefit and quality evaluation criteria, which may not be changed in the course of the evaluation of projects. The criteria and the maximum possible score according to each criterion are indicated in Annex 5 to the Guidelines. The overall maximum score, which may be given according to all criteria of evaluation of the project’s benefit and quality, shall be 100. 50 shall be the minimum mandatory score for projects to receive support under this call.
At the time of the eligibility evaluation of applications, the CPMA may ask the Applicant to submit the missing information and/or documents, except if:
  • The Applicant failed to submit documents specified within the items 57.1-57.7 of the Guidelines along with the application.
  • The Applicant failed to submit a single document specified within the item 57.8 of the Guidelines along with the application.
Applications shall be evaluated for no more than 90 days after the deadline for the submission of applications specified in the call for applications.
Total budget of the Call € 1.700.000,00
Minimum and maximum grant applied The minimum grant applied for shall not be less than €700.000,00
The maximum grant applied for shall not be more than €1.000.000,00
Project grant rate The grant rate is up to 100% of the total eligible expenditure of a project.
Duration of the projects Up to 30 months
Contacts for more information Central Project Management Agency (CPMA)
E-mail:, Tel. (+370) 655 65797
Reply to questions posed by e-mail will be provided within 5 working days after  the receipt of the enquiry at the CPMA.
Important  Guidelines for the applicants
Annex No 1
Annex No 2
Annex No 3
Annex No 4
Annex No 5
Annex No 6
Annex No 7
Annex No 8

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