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The EEA and Norway Grants have a no-tolerance policy on corruption and mismanagement. The EEA and Norway Grants follow a policy of good governance, and their implementation are founded on the principles of openness, transparency and accountability.

In case you suspect any mismanagement or corruption, please share your concerns with the Financial Mechanism Office, the National Focal Point – Ministry of Finance, Central Project Management Agency or any other agency responsible for the management of the grant scheme. Your report will be treated confidentially .

Information may be submitted in person, in writing by post or e-mail to the following Lithuanian institutions: 

National Focal Point - Ministry of Finance of Republic of Lithuania:

Address: Lukiškių st. 2, LT-01512, Vilnius, Lithuania 


Phone: +370 5 239 0227 

Central Project Management Agiency  

Address: S. Konarskio str. 13, LT-03109 Vilnius, Lithuania


Phone: +370 5 251 4400

Information may be submitted in writing by post or e-mail also to the following Donor state institution:

Financial Mechanism Office Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway`s secretariat for the EEA and Norway Grants

Address: Financial Mechanism Office, Rue Joseph II, 12-16, 1000 Brussels;



Also, you can share your concerns with us anonymously by choosing section "Email us " on the right side of the website, type the section "Complaint" and without your name, surname or e-mail, submit your message.

Received reports of possible mismanagement or corruption firstly will be evaluated and investigated. Then, the author of the report will be informed about the results of investigation, or where appropriate, about the measures that have been taken to reduce the probability of corruption.
The person who provided a report, may be not informed about the results of the investigation if he does not give his name, phone number, email address or postal address.

Please note that Lithuanian law prohibits to defame or falsely accuse another person of a crime. Such actions are regarded as criminal offenses. 

We also want to remind you that all the information about the illegal actions of public servants - about the corruption or corruption-related criminal activities can be reported to Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania .

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