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Adjustment and Coordination of Youth-friendly Health Care Service Provision Model at Nation Level

Project promoter: Health Education and Disease Prevention Centre
Project tittle: Adjustment and Coordination of Youth-friendly Health Care Service Provision Model at Nation Level
Project code: LT03-1-SAM-TF-001
Eligible project costs: maximum eligible costs of the project up to EUR 221.775,00, of which up to EUR 188.508,74 is Mechanism funds and up to EUR 33.266,26, is budget co-financing.
Project contract date: 15 January 2020
Project implementation period: 10 December 2019 - 10 December 2022

Project description: the aim of this project is to strengthen abilities of municipalities' specialists implementing Youth-Friendly
Health Care Services model.

Why is it needed?
With this project we seek to increase the competencies of Youth Coordinators and municipal specialists working with youth, so they can provide more complex and extended services to young people and better meet their needs.
What how will be done while implementing the project?
YFHCS will be provided in 22 municipalities and will be coordinated at the National level by The Health Education and Disease Prevention Centre (hereinafter HEDPC). National coordinators, provide permanent consultations for municipalities specialists and coordinate their practise. Effectiveness assessment will be conducted at the end of the project by partner - Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (hereinafter LUHS).
Main planned activities are: 
  • to develop wo new and adjust six algorithms developed in previous Project;
  • to prepare recommendations for young people facing mental health or behavioural problems and/or their families on where to look for professional services and how to adapt their lifestyles to facilitate self-care and support;
  • to organize trainings  for YFHCS specialists in municipalities;
  • to prepare practise guidelines for youth coordinators;
  • permanently coordinate model implementation, provide consultations for youth coordinators and improve their competences in meetings and  seminars;
  • maintain YFHCS website;
  • conduct effectiveness assessment and prepare report.
Main targeted groups: primary target group includes people working with young people and providing YFHCS: Youth Coordinators, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, public health specialists. The extended target group includes 14-29-year-olds who will be provided with YFHCS by the specialists trained during the project.

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