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Development of Home visitation early intervention model

Project promoter: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Project tittle: Development of Home visitation early intervention model

Project code: LT03-2-SAM-TF-002

Eligible project coasts: maximum eligible cost of the project up to EUR 219.530,00, of which up to EUR 186.600,50 is Mechanism funds and up to EUR 32.929,50 is budget co-financing.

Project contract day: 12 March 2020

Project implementation period: 12 March 2020 - 30 April 2024

Project description: The aim of the project is Adoption and Training of Nurse-Family Partnership Program in Lithuania.
To achieve this goal, a Family Attendance Model for Early Internation will be developed. To ensure the success of the project, the training program will be developed for nurses and midwives to provide early intervention services for woman who are pregnant, have given birth or are raising children under age of 2. The training program selects motivated, commynicative and empathetic professionals whose personal qualities will help ensure the success of the project. The team of these specialists will be constantly consulted and supervised. 

Why is the project needed? 
This project will implement the firs initiative in Lithuania to help families, especially from vulnerable groups, to develop parenting skills, help create a safe environment for children, and change the 'cultural-historical' awareness of childcare and upbringing. This project will create a patient-centered service, raise awareness of families and take responsibility for the health and safety of their families and children. According to research, countries with family partnership programs have reduced smoking during the pregnancy up to  24%. The project is expected to reduce the risk of gestational hypertension in pregnant women by 27% and reduce the risk of preterm birth to 37 weeks by 28%. Experience in other countries shows that this model reduces 60% of neonatal mortality, 31% reduces the likelihood of a second pregnancy within 2 years after the first birth, shows 38% decease in cases when children are hospitalized due to injuries, and 31% less child abuse (4-15 years old), 46% decrease in youth (15-17 years) arrests for criminal activities.

Target group: Pregnant women, women giving birth and raising children up to 2 years of age will benefit directly from the project. The indirect benefit of the project will be felt their immediate environment as well as by the communities of all municipalities involved in the project. 

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