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Implementation of Well-being advisers model in Joniškis district municipality

Project promoter: Joniškis District Municipality Administration
Project title:
Implementation of Well-being advisers model in Joniškis district municipality

Project code:
Eligible project coasts: up to 58 325,21 Eur (49 576,43 Eur – EEA financial mechanism funds and  8 748,78 EUR is national of co-financing)

Project contract day: 21 December 2021 
Project implementation period: 21 December 2021 – 30 April 2024 

Project aim – to implement and develop low-intensity emotional counseling services in the Joniškis district, in order to prevent the deterioration of the psycho-emotional state and the development of mental health disorders. 

During the implementation of the project, a place for providing the Well-being advisers services will be established, specialists will be recruited and trained. Specialists will be trained according to a special training program during which professionals will strengthen their skills, learn to recognize  mental health problems early, improve people coping with emotional issues skills and competencies, and provide Well-being advisers counseling services to the residents of municipality using cognitive behavioral therapy. The contribution of Well-being advisers in cooperation with institutions in various fields will encourage adults to seek help when faced with emotional difficulties.

Expected results of the project: the project will improve the social well-being of the residents of the municipality of Joniškis district and broaden the residents' knowledge of where to get the help in case of difficulties related to mental health. 

Target group: residents of Joniškis District Municipality from the age of 18 who have mild symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and psychological adaptation problems.

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