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Implementation of Well-being advisers model in Palanga City Municipality

Project promoter: Palanga City Municipality Administration
Project title: Implementation of Well-being advisers model in Palanga City Municipality
Project code: LT03-1-SAM-K03-005
Eligible project coasts: up to 96 578,60 Eur Eur (82 091,81 Eur – EEA financial mechanism funds and   ir  14 486,79 EUR is national of co-financing)

Project contract day: 27 January 2022 
Project implementation period: 27 January 2022 – 30 April 2024

Project aim – strengthening mental health and reducing health inequalities in Palanga city municipality. 

During the project, it is planned to: Palanga City Municipality Administration together with its partner, Palanga City Social Services Center, will implement and introduce the model of Well-being advisers in the municipality. In order to implement the project goal, the following tasks are planned:
  1. Training of specialists (Well-being advisers) and renovation of 2 workplaces for Well-being advisers
  2. Increasing the attractiveness of the services of Well-being advisers at the inter-institutional level of the municipality. During the project, a publicity campaign will be carried out, which the aim will be to form a positive public opinion about the services of a Well-being advisers and possible benefits of their services for mental health.
  3.  Providing services of a Well-being advisers- low-intensity emotional counseling - to the residents of Palanga city municipality, in order to prevent the deterioration of the psycho-emotional state and the development of mental health disorders.
Expected results of the project: The implementation of the project will significantly contribute to the achievement of one of the national goals - to care for the preservation and improvement of public health. The project activities will improve the well-being of the residents of the Palanga City Municipality and broaden the residents' knowledge where to look for help in case of difficulties related to mental health.

Target group: residents of the Palanga district municipality from the age of 18 who have mild symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and psychological adaptation problems. 

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