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Inclusive health education in a health-promoting environment

Project promoter: Klaipėda district municipality public health bureau
Project title: Inclusive health education in a health-promoting environment
Project code: LT03-2-SAM-K01-012
Eligible project coasts: maximum eligible cost of the project up to 287 852,17 Eur, of which up to 181 059,03 EUR  is EEA mechanism funds, up to 31 951,58 EUR is national of co-financing and 74 841,56 EUR– project promoter own resourses)

Project contract day: 8 April 2021
Project implementation period: 9 April 2021 – 01 March 2023

The aim of the projectProject aim is to improve prevention of health risks and reduce health inequalities in pre-school and school educational institutions of Klaipėda County.

It is very important to carry out preventive work at a younger age, when children and young people are more receptive and form their own habits, which, among other things, they can pass on to their environment and to the adults around them. It is important to do this work in an attractive and engaging way for children and young people. For the smooth promoting of this activity and ensuring its continuity, appropriate infrastructure is necessary to promote prevention - tools that would help in an appropriate, attractive form and would enable the educational function to be carried out using innovative methods. It would also enable health professionals working with the purchased tools to better recognize children's mental health concerns and provide them with help.

Investing in health care promotes a healthy lifestyle and thus reduces the risk of future illnesses. And this is likely to help reduce healthcare costs in the future.

With the funds of the project, 41 health office was renovated and equipped with methodological tools, simple repair work was carried out in fifteen (3 in Palanga, 3 in Skuodo district and 9 in Klaipėda district.). In total, all partners purchased about 2 thousand peaces of various equipment and methodological tools, necessary for the implementation of preventive work and the proper provision of health offces. About 80 percent of these measures are tools for improving mental health and preventing addictions. This project will help to ensure equal availability of health promotion health preservation and preventive activities in municipalities.

Target group of the project: children and youth of pre-school, primary, basic and secondary school education age
Project partners: Skuodas district municipality public health bureau, Palanga municipality public health bureau, Klaipėda district municipality administration

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