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Introduction of a model of family attendance for early intervention services at Pakruojis Primary Health Care Center

Project promoter: Public Institution Pakruojis Primary Health Care Center

Project title: Introduction of a model of family attendance for early intervention services at Pakruojis Primary Health Care Center

Project code: LT03-2-SAM-K02-004

Project eligible expenditure: EUR 105 807,86 (EUR 89 936,68 grant from the EEA Financial Mechanism; EUR 15 871,18 budget co-financing)

Project signature date:  1 December 2021 

Project implementation period:  1 December 2021 – 30 April 2024

A child can develop fully and harmoniously only by growing up in his family, surrounded with love, understanding, parental care and responsibility. Child abuse is associated with their physical disabilities, growth retardation, obesity, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other long-term consequences: developmental delays, and lack of social and educational skills. In order to improve the physical and mental health of pregnant women, reduce child neglect, increase the social responsibility of young mothers from at-risk groups and statistically significantly improve the quality of life and social well-being of these families and their children, it is necessary to implement early intervention services for families in Pakruojis district.

The aim of the project is to provide support and improve information for expectant mothers in Pakruojis district during pregnancy, after childbirth and until children reach the age of two years.

During the project it is planned:
•    To implement a model of family attendance by providing early intervention services in Pakruojis district.
•    Provide early intervention services to expectant mothers during pregnancy, after delivery and until the child is 2 years old. It is planned to hire a family visit specialist who will cater for 25 families: will make 14 home visits during a woman’s pregnancy, 28 visits from the birth of a baby to 12 months age and 22 visits from 13 months up to 24 months the age of the child.

Expected project results:
The Family Visiting Specialist will provide services in accordance with the qualification acquired during the training at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, as well as refer to the necessary specialists, assess the progress and results of the families receiving Family Visiting Services. Hopefully, the provision of such services will help mothers to make informed decisions about the care of their children, in order to ensure the well-being of vulnerable mothers, babies and children under 2 years. In providing early intervention services to families, it is envisaged to cooperate with the Pakruojis District Police Commissariat, Pakruojis Non-residential Social Services Centre, non-governmental organisations: The Society of Lithuanian Samaritans, the St. John the Baptist Parish, the Children of All Lithuania Agency, the Pakruojis Charity and Support Fund. It is believed that such cooperation will not only enable the provision of services related to health and its preservation and enhancement to families, but will also help to create a safer and more pleasant social environment, and facilitate the resolution of the problems and challenges that arise. Family visiting services will be provided free of charge to families.

Project target groups: first-time pregnant young (under 21) and older (over 40) women living in a social risk environment and their children under 2 years old, other family members, community, society.

The project is implemented without partners.

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