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Introduction of the model of family attendance for early intervention services in Šiauliai district

Project promoter: Public Institution Gruzdžiai outpatient clinic in Šiauliai district

Project title: Introduction of the model of family attendance for early intervention services in Šiauliai district

Project code: LT03-2-SAM-K02-001

Project eligible expenditure: EUR 87 838,0 (EUR 74 662,30 grant from the EEA Financial Mechanism; EUR 13 175,70 budget co-financing)

Project signature date:  2 December 2021 

Project implementation period:  2 December 2021 – 30 April 2024

Poverty, unemployment, lack of social skills, alcoholism, psychological problems in families determine a high number of families at social risk both in Šiauliai district and in Lithuania. Child abuse is one of society’s biggest problems, with various consequences for a child’s daily functioning and development. The pattern of behavior learned in childhood is transferred to the independent life that manifests itself in adult life. Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to families at social risk and the children growing up in them. In order to create a safe environment for children in a family, it is essential to provide careful assistance to first-time expectant very young and older women and those living in social risk environments.

The aim of the project is improving prevention and reducing health inequalities in Šiauliai district.

During the project it is planned:
•    To implement a model of family attendance by providing early intervention services in Šiauliai district.
•    Provide early intervention services to expectant mothers during pregnancy, after delivery and until the child is 2 years old. It is planned to hire a family visit specialist who will cater for 25 families: will make 14 home visits during a woman’s pregnancy, 28 visits from the birth of a baby to 12 months age and 22 visits from 13 months up to 24 months the age of the child.

Expected project results:
The project will help women to develop and strengthen their ability to solve their own and their child's social problems independently, restore social relations with society, promote responsible childcare, provide information about the child's development, parent-child relations, their development. Early intervention services in Šiauliai district will be provided on the basis of three areas: provision of care (My health; My child); decision making and support (Caring for a child); social and community resources (My family and friends; My home). During each visit, the family visit specialist will gather information, assess changes in family behavior, the home environment, and provide assistance and advice. Family attendance services will be provided free of charge to recipients.

Project target groups: first-time pregnant young (under 21) and older (over 40) women living in a social risk environment and their children under 2 years old, other family members, community, society.

The project partner – Šiauliai district municipality.

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