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Establishment of One Stop Center in Nadruva str. 13, Vilnius

Project promoter: Society of SOS Childrens' villages in Lithuania
Project title: Establishment of One Stop Center in Nadruva str. 13, Vilnius
Project code: LT03-1-SADM-K01-002
Project eligible expenditure: EUR 1 000 000,00 (EUR 850 000,00 grant from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism; EUR 150 000,00 Lithuanian budget co-financing)
Project signature date: 24 January 2022
Project implementation period: 24 January 2022– 30 April 2024

The project goal: 
to establish the „One Station“ centre Nadruvos str.13 in Vilnius, where a high quality social complex services and preventive measures will be provided which meet the best child‘s interests to grow in a safe family environment.

The project summary:
The problem which is being solved in the project is an insufficient accessibility of effective individual complex services corresponding with crisis experienced childrens‘ and their families‘ demand on social services inclusive a temporary accommodation and deficiency of service such as an institution of preventive and interventive measures providing the whole support at one place. The task of the project is to provide a high quality social complex service, including temporary accommodation, and preventive measures which enhance the mental health of a child and his family.
The objective, activities and expected outcomes of the project are directly related to enhance childrens‘ and their families‘ expertises in order they can function successfully and solve the problems occurring in their lives, to prevent the emergence of social risk factors, to foster positive social skills, to create a safe environment for the child and his family, to ensure the quality of life and the quality of personal and social relations.
In project implementation the Norway Nonviolent Communication methodology, created by the USA conflict mediator, clinical psychologist Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, will be implemented in Lithuania. Also the NVC electronic publication will be prepared.
The specialists of „One Station“ centre must have competences and means to provide high quality services. Thanks to the project the „One Station“ centre social complex services with temporary accommodation will use the premises of the applicant in Nadruvos str.13, Vilnius. The „One station“ centre will provide an circumstance manager, social worker, psychologist, addiction specialist, jurist, psychiatrist, special pedagogue, mediation services.
There are planned organizing preventive lectures of medical specialists, occupations with body and movement, activities of parenting skills development, providing crisis overcome support. The staff of the „One station“ and other institutions will be trained to provide appropriate social services and it will be prepared for this work according to „PUP“ „No Kids in the Middle“, „TEEN Triple P“ methodology and will ensure a qualitative help in the crisis, esp. for families which experienced conflict divorces.

The project target group:
Vilnius city children and their families facing risk factors and need of social social service, including accommodation.

Project partner:
Vilnius city municipality

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