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Implementation of a model for well-being advisors in Skuodas district municipality

Project promoter: Skuodas District Municipality Administration
Project title: Implementation of a model for well-being advisors in Skuodas district municipality
Project code: LT03-1-SAM-K02-006
Project eligible expenditure: EUR 125 506,58 (EUR 106 680,59 grant from the EEA Financial Mechanism and EUR 18 825,99 budget co-financing)
Project signature date: 17 December 2021
Project implementation period: 17 December 2021 - 30 April 2024

The aim of the project: strengthening mental health and reducing health inequalities in the territory of Skuodas district municipality.

The project includes:

  • To train a specialist to provide well-being advisor services.
  • Carry out simple repairs to the well-being advisor office and provide it with all the necessary equipment and furniture.
  • Organize seminars for representatives of the local community and elderships about the service, thus increasing its awareness and credibility.
  • To publicize and popularize the services of the well-being advisor through various means of publicity.
  • Provide well-being advisor services for at least 270 people.

Project benefits: the establishment of a well-being advisor’s office, the acquisition of the necessary equipment for the provision of services, the development of inter-institutional cooperation and other measures will form the sequence of providing services to the population in the field of mental health prevention, ensuring appropriate, high-quality and timely provision of these services. The implemented welfare consultant model will allow to comprehensively address the mental health problems relevant to society, develop public health attitudes, reduce the impact of environmental and social factors on human health, which will save economic resources in the project area (reduced costs of treatment, medicines and health services, poverty and an increase in the economic power of the people) and the creation of a sustainable social environment (reduction of suicides and alcoholism due to poor mental health, a corresponding reduction in crime, and a greater sense of security in the communities).

Target groups of the project: residents of Skuodas district municipality from the age of 18 with mild signs of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and psychological adaptation problems.



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