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Healthy and Smart Youth

Project promoter: Biržai district municipality public health bureau
Project tittle: Healthy and Smart Youth
Project code: LT03-1-SAM-K01-011
Eligible project coasts: maximum eligible cost of the project up to 241 585,83 EUR, of which up to 205 347,95 EUR grant is Mechanism funds and up to 36 237,88 EUR is national of co-financing)
Project contract day: 15 March 2021
Project implementation period: 15 March 2021 - 15 March 2023

The aim of the project is to reduce and prevent youth health inequalities in Biržai, Kėdainiai and Anykščiai districts.
The project will implement 8 Youth-friendly healthcare services (YFHCSS) delivery algorithms that will enable mechanisms for the provision of services to young people in the fields of mental health, nutrition, reproductive health and prevention of external causes of death, and will ensure the appropriate, high-quality and timely provision of these services to young people.
At least 1,300 young people will be involved in the project activities. In order to achieve the goal, the project envisages development of YFHCSS Coordination Centre in Biržai district municipality and establishment of new YFHCSS Coordination Centers in Kėdainiai and Anykščiai districts municipalities, YFHCSS publicity, YFHCSS trainings and camps for target audiences - youth and specialists.
The YFHCSS model implemented and developed during the project will help to solve youth health problems faster and more efficiently. Also to assess what services are lacking in municipalities, whether the provided services are easily accessible to young people.
Target group: young adults (14-29)

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