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Culture not only in the country's big cities, but also beyond them

When the European Economic Area (EEA) Culture Programme partners from Norway and Brussels visited Lithuania, we visited and proudly showcased some of the projects that are making this goal a reality. Summer is here, you can visit it too.
  • Merkinė Manor House
Culture is reborn in Merkinė Manor, a former soap factory. The buildings of the Merkinė Manor, which are being reconstructed and renovated, are to be used as accommodation for pilgrims, as well as creative spaces for local culture and arts promoters and craftsmen. Various cultural activities are already taking place in the surrounding area of the estate, such as the 'Opera with jeans', artisan markets, fairs, and cinema evenings.
Follow the activities at the revived Merkinė Manor - 
  • Aristavėlė Manor
If you don't go to the manor, the manor comes to you - this is how the Lithuanian Folk Household Museums describe the essence of the project. How does Aristavėlė Manor manage to travel? A mobile and interactive manor exposition has been set up, where visitors get to know the culture of this particular manor, as well as manor culture in general, through their different senses - smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch.
Find out about the next visits to Aristavėlė Manor - 
  • The Travelling Museum: discover yourself through art
This is a project in which the MO Museum experts offered a unique opportunity for the country's citizens to get to know contemporary art by visiting the interactive photography exhibition "A Celebration of Change" in their region. The Travelling Museum visited Marijampolė, Molėtai, Antalieptė, Akmenė, Šilutė, Biržai and Druskininkai. Visitors also had the opportunity to take part in educational sessions, training and activities for the whole family.
So far, the tour has finished, but will continue at the initiative of the MO Museum.
  • Cinema Caravan
The already implemented Vilnius international film festival KINO PAVASARIS project "Cinema Caravan" ensured that quality original cinema would be screened in various corners of Lithuania on warm summer evenings, meetings and talks with directors and other professionals would take place.

These are just a few examples of how high quality culture reaches the country's more remote towns and cities. For more information on Culture Programme projects, visit
The Culture Programme has a total budget of €8.23 million, of which €7 million from the EEA Financial Mechanism. The implementation of the projects is supervised by the Central Project Management Agency (CPVA).

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