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Behind the scenes of "Tower of Babel": from an idea to the process

Tower of Babel. Planet Earth/Game Over/Reset - one of the largest international productions in the history of Lithuanian theatre. Four European theatres - Norway, Iceland, Hungary and Lithuania (The National Kaunas Drama Theatre) - joined forces to create a joint production. The creators share their impressions and thoughts about working together with their partners.   

Why "Tower of Babel?" According to director Hilde Brinchmann (Norway), the biblical motif became a counterbalance when trying to connect these four different European troupes as well as their methods, languages, ideologies, and artists. “I just thought that maybe we can present the myth of the Tower of Babel from the other side! This myth speaks about the fact that a long time ago all the people of the world were united and wanted to build a tower together, but God divided them into tribes speaking different languages; thus, people could no longer understand each other and started fighting among themselves. What I am trying to say is that we all belong to different tribes but maybe, despite our differences, we can be united once again and deal with our common issues such as climate change, wars, famine, and inequality in the world? Or maybe we are so worried about our tribes and ourselves that we will not be able to do this? These issues are very relevant and significant to all of us”, says the director. 

Behind the scenes of Tower of Babel: from an idea to the process 
The international project is funded by the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism's Culture Programme and supervised by the Central Project Management Agency (CPMA). 

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